Wallpaper: The Exciting Possibilities in Interior Design

Wallpaper: The Exciting Possibilities in Interior Design

By: Heather Farrell

So many things are happening in the Interior World right now (especially with wallpaper)  and it’s exciting to see all of the amazing options and creative ways to make your space your own….

porter teleo installed

Largely because we have soooo many inspiring, visual resources at our disposal.  There’s the infinite world of Pinterest, Instagram, Houzz, shelter magazines, Do-It-Yourself shows, etc.  with no end in site (pun intended) and that’s cool.

It’s exciting but also daunting to figure out how to make these wallpaper ideas and images work in our own personal space.  Since this is my first blog entry through Trapp and Company, I think we should dip our toe in the proverbial deep end with one area in particular……The All White Room.  I know it can be a super, great, blank canvas for other décor items in your home and I get that.  It does seem to be everywhere, just as the All Beige Room was present in the 1980’s.  While I think there is the option for the monochromatic room, I think there should also be strong consideration for bolder choices.  Rooms that can just as easily stand the test of time and be just as classic as the white walled interior.  I’m suggesting wallpaper.  Yes, I said it and don’t be afraid.  There is a whole, big, beautiful world of wallpapers out there that will blow your socks off and work well with the furniture and décor you already have in your home.  Plus it adds that touch of boldness and je ne sais quoi to your home.  You know what I’m talking about.


Don’t be afraid to look to those online resources for great wallpaper ideas but also consider asking a professional interior designer who can show you the way and let you know it’s all going to be alright.   They can hold your hand as you jump off the high dive.

To see how Trapp and Company can create this luxury feel in your home please call

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Featured Wallpaper: de Gournay, Porter Teleo images

Other great places to view samples of amazing wallpaper being used to highlight a room can be found here:

Porter Tello (based in Kansas City)




Sadie+Stella Shops at Trapp and Company

Trapp and Company was so excited to have Lindsay Dress, blogger of Sadie+Stella, blog about the store! To tell you a little about Lindsay, I’ll start off by saying she is one of the cutest people I have ever met! She is super stylish, has a really cute Tory Burch purse, her favorite flower is protea and she loves Chipotle. Her blog features unique interior design, cuisine, entertaining, fashion and lifestyle. She strives to bridge the gap between home design and fashion. Her passion for interior design and fashion is so apparent with each and every blog post. With that said, it was a true honor to have somebody as talented as Lindsay reviewing our store and products. 



So let’s take a look at some of her favorites things in the store!

Lindsay took home with her a Scalamandre Haute Decor Coffee Table book. For those of you who aren’t diehard interior designers, you might not know who Scalamandre is. Let me enlighten you, Franco Scalamandre established Scalamandre Silks in 1929 and since then Scalamandre has become synonymous with the manufacture of the finest quality fabrics, trims, wallcovering and furnishings in America.


One of Scalamandre’s most notable achievements was during the Kennedy administration. It was then that Scalamandre received one of its highest profile commissions for the White House. Scalamandre was engaged to reproduce early 19th century textiles for the Blue Room’s drapery and the Red Room’s walls, drapery and upholstery. In addition, Scalamandre’s fabrics were used for the White House’s residential interiors. Under every administration since Herbert Hoover, refurbishments during the Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Clinton and both Bush administrations also use stock and custom woven textiles from Scalamandre. IMG_4891

Scalamandre Haute Decor Book (available in stores)

Okay, now let’s get back to Lindsay’s favorites.

While shopping with Lindsay, she mentioned her love for oriental inspired designs. This throw pillow is one of her favorites from the many  varieties we have in store.


Another item that she liked was our variety of blue and white ginger jars. Though ginger jars were initially used to store and transport spices, hence their name, the containers (which usually lack handles) have been used chiefly as decorative objects since the 19th century. These jar are the perfect touch to enhance your home decor. 


Here are some of the decoupage trinkets for the home the she liked. These trinkets are from a line called FRINGE STUDIO. They develop original artwork and designs to create a collection of vases, glass trays, frames, candles, soaps, jewelry, purse accessories, stationery and tabletop.  This line is super popular, so come check them out before it’s sold out!


And of course we had to send Lindsay home with a Trapp Private Gardens votive candle sampler and No. 60 Jasmine Gardenia candle. She says, and I quote, that Trapp Private Gardens are “the absolute best candles”! Come by and pick out your favorite candle today!


Last but not least, she took home with her a super cute Wagbag. Wagbags are available in store and come in a variety of sizes and styles. These colorful bags are handcrafted and designed for the individual who wants to make a statement. These bags are uniquely different because they are  produced by  intricate needlework, patchwork and embroidery art forms.
IMG_4903 A big thank you to Lindsay for shopping local and visiting us! We enjoyed having you and sharing your favorite finds! To read the full review of Lindsay’s shopping trip to Trapp and Company head over to her blog, Sadie+Stella.

P.S. Use promo code SadieandStella for 20% off of your entire order through the month of August!

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