It’s Thyme to Talk About Relaxation

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Summertime is all about the outdoors, lots of sun, weekend pool parties and more outdoors! So with the ever-changing temperatures, it’s no wonder your skin can start to feel a little dry and weathered. Keep your skin feeling soft and hydrated all summer long by following these tips. They may even help calm your mind and relax your body-all without a pricey trip to a luxe resort.


Set aside one night a week to disconnect and relax. Trade your regular ‘ol shower in for a long, hot bath. We recommend adding a little Aqua Coralline Bubble Bath to your tub for a truly relaxing experience. Aqua Coralline has hints of pure water lily, white cyclamen, crisp driftwood, tart yuzu, lemon pulp and Hiniki wood, which is used in Japan for purification and relaxation in ritual bathing, and for those of you who struggle with allergies, Hiniki wood is also believed to have decongestant properties.



Harness the power of scent. Smells are so powerful and they can instantly take you back in time (e.g. baking with mom), change your mood and even help ease pain. Try burning a favorite candle when you are in need of a pick-me-up. We suggest you try Thymes Lavender Candle. Lavender creates an aromatic buffer to help cushion you from the stresses of the outside world and is great for creating a sense of tranquility and comfort. 



Become one with nature. Place a few plants throughout your house if you are trying to lower your blood pressure and stress-hormone levels. Apparently, just touching a houseplant may prompt a relaxation response in the brain. Plus, leaves can act as an anti-allergen by stripping pollutants from the air. “One plant can purify up to 100 square feet of air”, says Sharon Nejman of the Chicago Botanic Garden. Don’t have a house plant? Then come by our store and let us help you pick one out! We don’t just sells flowers, we have a variety of house plants too!



Lather up. Take a few moments after getting out of the shower or bath to lather your body with lotion. During the summer, the heat can strip your skin of the essential nutrients, so make sure not to skimp on the body lotion. One product we love is Thymes Kimono Rose Body Lotion. It is loaded  shea butter, olive-based squalane and humectant glycerin. The addition of sakura blossom and noni extracts add a refreshingly calming touch.



Take thyme to follow these tips! You’ll be surprised to see how a little “me” time goes a long way!

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